Saturday, July 13, 2013

Well, duh...

Zimmerman has been found not guilty.

And he's not guilty of second degree murder.  Nor of anything other than justifiable homicide and self defense.  Oh, and stupidity.  Let's not forget that. 

But he's not guilty of murder. 

I've seen people praying for peace and sanity to prevail across the internet. 

I disagree.  I'd like to see some of the human roach population exterminate itself in some form or fashion.  I'd prefer for it to be at each other's hands.  I'd really prefer for it to not be at the hands of those whom they would victimize in the name of "justice."  But I do want to see the welfare-draining, illiterate, innumerate, violent, racist, self-segregating segment of the population decrease.  I want to see it decrease a lot

Only then does peace and sanity have a chance of prevailing.  And even then, only if the race-baiting self-proclaimed "Reverends" Jackson and Sharpton meet their Maker (and learn of His disappointment in them) in the chaos.


  1. My oldest daughter, unfriended from face book, a white girl who as a black baby and is living the black life style. This girl is so color blind and believes that Zimmerman should have been found guilty. I have talked with two of my kids tonight and they both think the blacks will riot.

    1. Her former friend is probably careening toward becoming a welfare queen. I'm thinking that not all blacks will riot--only the niggers--and that just as many whites are niggers, and will try joining the riots only to find out that the blacks will turn and kill them.

      Big loss.

      I'm SO glad I'm in the Midwest. And that we have a very small minority population, and very little of that prone to rioting.

    2. Ah, just got off the phone with an Aunt. She is so wrapped up in the MSM, works in public ed, ect. She was livid about this. So asked her well, OK, what should he have got? What sentence? How many years for it? There was no answer, just more gnashing of teeth and dining on ashes there.

      I give up. It's emotionality draining. Like wrestling a pig. You can't win and both of you will get muddy.

    3. Considering how many white, blacks, etc. who get shot on the street every day--perhaps 'someone' decided to really promote this killing as the racial issue of the times!

    4. The problem with this case is that Zimmerman is counted as a white, despite his mother having been Mexican, and despite his looking Mexican--which means that it was a white-on-black crime. Rare. And playing right into the narrative.

      The other problem is that the vast majority of America has bought into the propaganda of racism.


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