Thursday, July 18, 2013


Harry Reid is one

Climate change isn't what's responsible for the devastating wildfires in the Western states.  It's the attitude that all forested areas must be maintained as-is, with no brush-cutting, no controlled burns, no preventative measures. 

A natural forest has smaller fires more frequently--things that clear out tinder.  And then, they go out. 

When the tinder isn't cleared, it builds up enough for lightning strikes to spark a fire, and for the fire to quickly grow out of control.

It isn't climate change in any form causing fires.  It's the environmentalistas meddling where they lack a basic Boy Scout level of understanding.


  1. none of the ecotards were in the Boy Scouts...they were too cool

    1. More like too lame to see the good parts about it.

  2. I've grumbling about Smoky for damn bear I never got to kill.

    Winston (Bearkiller)

  3. Anything that advances the narrative must be true, damn the facts.

    Teleological thinking as opposed to rational thinking. They truly do live in a different world, and unfortunately medication cannot make someone rational.

    1. Climate change does not START forest fires...

      But climate change does have an effect AFTER they are started...

    2. AM--I work in a university humanities department. I've seen examples of that kind of thinking from professors and students. It bothers me every time.

      OCM--I never said it didn't. Just that it's the well-meaning fools that are the root cause of the worst wildfires from the last thirty or forty years.


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