Sunday, July 7, 2013

Never trust a cop.

There is no way to tell the ones who will not violate your constitutionally-protected rights from those who mistake bottled water for alcohol, or those who decide your house is the perfect stake-out for your neighbor's house...or from those who will shoot you because they think the hose nozzle you're holding might be a gun. 

I do know some good cops.  Some. 

I also know cops who refused to investigate allegations of child abuse, molestation, and various other things, because the accused was one of their buddies, and a good guy, and "wouldn't ever do that to his own kids."

I am disinclined, through incidences in my own past, to believe that law enforcement sees me as anything other than just another target.  And current headlines and stories aren't doing a damn thing to change my mind.

Honestly?  I'm more than a little scared.  When my point of view ceases to be a minority amongst the law abiding, there's trouble.  And more and more people are looking at cops as jack booted thugs to be dealt with when the time comes. 

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