Friday, July 5, 2013

FFOT: Government stupidity and overreach

I have two things on my list, this morning.  First: MassachusettsAgain.  Can fuck off with a cricket bat studded with rusty nails.  TJIC needs help, and definitely needs to move to a free country.

Second: this.  What are these people even doing getting a fucking tax refund in the first place?  They are not supposed to be here at all.  And the IRS has just demonstrated their incompetence by accepting multiple claims all from the same damned address.  And they expect us to believe that they can carry out the implementation of the only thing I've ever seen more complex to our tax code?

I'm so angry about these things that I'm speechless. 


  1. You know, if it weren't for the original TJIC Incident, I probably wouldn't be a blogger. My battle cry then, and now, is they can't shut us all up.

    1. I started my blog because I can't speak my mind on campus without the risk of getting fired, and things were building up.

      And now, I find myself censoring my thoughts here, too. Not only is my name sort of attached to it with my books, but privacy violations by the government make anything but face to face communication of opinions...inadvisable.

      And that can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off, too. The fuckers.

  2. I've more or less given up celebrating the 4th, I feel like I'm in morning (which I suspect I am). Why are so many people hellbent on becoming slaves of the State? Granted Liberty is Hard, where being a slave of the State at this point is easy. I can only assume they're too stupid to realize that their party is almost over. At which point being a slave will SUCK. Hobbs said life with out Government as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". Actually that pretty much describes life under tyranny as well.

    1. It's beginning to become a time for mourning for me, too. And terror.

      I have children.


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