Thursday, April 29, 2010

It made my day, too.

I found this here:
In Sunday School we were talking about Jonah running away from God. Another leader asked, "Is there anywhere you can go that God can’t find you?" This little boy turned, looked up at me, and said, "College?"
Which made me think of this:



I can't help thinking that New York's brainstorm about making organ donation an opt-out rather than an opt-in is related to mandatory Medicaid. Especially when you consider that the IRS is supposed to be the ones enforcing the mandatory Medicaid law.

I suppose it could, eventually, make this less science fiction than science fact:

Wasn't that the point?

Illegal immigrants are now saying that they're going to leave Arizona, that the new law (though it doesn't go into effect until next year) is too harsh, and doesn't allow them to find work.

Umm...duh. Arizonans don't want you skanky wetbacks in their state. They want illegals to feel unwelcome, and to--I don't know--maybe go away.

I'd say the law is already working as planned.


The Ukraine has reversed itself on what it claims to believe about the Soviet Union: no longer do they (quite correctly) claim that the Communist leadership deliberately starved their people to thin difficult to control populations.

After we hung them out to dry when Dear Leader became the democratically elected of the People's Democratic Republic of the United States of America, that may well have been the best call they could have made for self-preservation. Especially after what happened to Poland. And after the USSR--sorry, Russia, gave the KGB--er, the FSB--back its old powers.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EPIC WIN in the comments!

"...and so he went out the back door in his bathrobe, flipped the AK to 'Afrikaner', and started hosing the baboons off his tennis court."

From this post at View From The Porch


I am personally pro-life. I wouldn't have an abortion unless it was medically necessary for the baby--like in the situations in some of the comments here.

Until now, I've been politically pro-choice. I don't think it's my place to tell people whether or not they can murder their unborn baby and send themselves to hell. And yes, that is the way I believe.

These vultures, though, really piss me off, and make me think that the laws about abortions should be changed to prevent people from using them as birth control. Or helping teens get abortions without parental knowledge and support. Or pressuring a presumably Catholic little girl to get one when she's excited about her pregnancy.

"Pro-choice" my ass. If they were truly pro-choice, they wouldn't be pressuring girls to have abortions, but providing all of the information necessary for the girls to make the right choice for their babies and themselves.


Economists are now admitting what those of us that actually pay attention to reality knew when it was originally proposed: the stimulus didn't help.

In fact, if you look at the amount of debt it added, the way it allowed the government to insert itself into and try to further regulate free enterprise, businesses responding by trying to stay afloat and firing workers, you could probably easily defend the assertion that the stimulus has done far more harm than good. Especially since the government, instead of cutting spending (which would help reduce the debt load to possibly payable within our lifetimes, instead of impossible for even our grandchildren to pay off), has decided to further harm the economy by proposing a VAT.

And if you think a VAT wouldn't kill the economy, let me explain how it would.

Say you need a new pair of shoes. If the VAT goes through, a pair of shoes that would cost about $30 now will cost much, much more. The un-formed rubber imported for the soles would be taxed when the factory bought it. Then, taxed again when it's melted down and turned into shoe soles. The leather would be taxed when the calf was born, weaned, sold, butchered and the hide taken, when the hide was tanned, when the tanned hide was processed into shoe leather, when the leather was cut into the parts of the shoes. Then all of the parts would be taxed again when the shoe was assembled. All materials and steps of making the shoelaces would be taxed, too. Your $30 pair of shoes today will likely wind up costing $50-$75 after the VAT is all added in.

If that was the case, would you be buying new shoes when you needed them, or working to stretch your current shoes until they completely disintegrate? Now, imagine how much more expensive, complicated goods would cost, like a television, or a car.

The same goes for services. Would you be willing to spend enough to pay the taxes on eating out with every step of the manufacture of the food taxed?

I do believe I'm going to be starting a garden next year. And maybe starting to raise meat rabbits.

A bit of personal news.

I've been feeling kind of under the weather for the past couple weeks. Tired, draggy, unable to focus on much. Then, I started getting queasy.

In other words, I've turned up expecting again. Baby Huxley number 2 should be arriving in late December.

Here's hoping he/she doesn't decide Halloween is a better idea. I've seen more than enough of the NICU, thank you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wonder if the mugger mentioned his movies?

Yet another incidence of somebody buying the hype that D.C. is safe because there's not many guns.

Taj just learned the hard way that there's plenty of guns, they just happen to be in the hands of criminals, and that it's a really bad idea to go for a walk in a gun-free city.

I'll take "WTF?" for $500, Alex.

School lunches are considered a national security threat, while Iran is permitted to acquire nuclear capability and the capability to hit the U.S. with an ICBM.

Make your guesses in the comments.

Well, somebody got a bad translation of Lawrence.

I think this Iranian cleric has been reading something he shouldn't: his ideas about extramarital affairs causing earthquakes makes me think of D. H. Lawrence's "pornographic" novel Lady Chatterley's Lover.

I don't think I've read many other instances where the female orgasm was referred to in such terms.

We're done for, as a nation.

If we have to pass laws to make being an illegal alien, um... illegal, we've got problems.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I do not like Hillary Clinton. I think this says it all.

However, when it comes to the way some people see political speech, I think her rebuttal is dead-on.

Big Brother really is watching our children. Probably naked.

Big Brother is obviously a pervert. Remember that lawsuit about the school district that were taking web cam pictures of students and screen captures of whatever they were working on? Yeah, more and more and more is coming out that makes the school and their admin look worse.

I'm just waiting for the admin and faculty to be charged with creating, distributing, and viewing child porn. Faculty and admin have admitted to enjoying abusing the software, after all. If they've caught even one of their students naked (which is likely, given the volume of infractions), that's child porn.

(via Joanne Jacobs)


Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wants to make damn sure the next Muslim that goes on a shooting spree on a military base doesn't get shot by his targeted victims.

Because, you know, there's no way this won't help prevent more base shootings. The Islamofacist extremists will surely obey the restrictions from bringing personal weapons on base. Of course they won't ignore the new rules of the Great Satan, against whom they are waging terrorism.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My FFO (or, carrying on the torch)

The federal government can FUCK the FUCKING FUCKETY FUCK RIGHT OFF. As usual.

Why this time? Because of this:

Dear Leader told us, back when he was on the campaign trail for mandatory Medicaid, he said that those of us with treatable, but non-life-threatening, painful illnesses would have to deal with the pain with suitable painkillers.

Well, you fucking moronic, fucking teleprompter-reading, fucking mouth-breathing fucking shit-for-brains, how in the FUCKING HELL are we supposed to FUCKING DO that little thing, when the ABSOLUTE FUCKWITS IN THE FUCKING D. E. FUCKING A. FUCKING CRIMINALIZE the FUCKING APPROPRIATE FUCKING TREATMENT OF FUCKING PAIN?!?

If anyone wants to rant, have at it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

See? It's more than just me thinking that Russia was responsible.

A Polish Member of Parliament (MP) thinks so, too. And this guy's take makes the crash just that little bit more suspicious.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here's something else to look forward to.

Britain's just found a glitch in it's medical databases that keep track of willing organ donors. Over the past decade, this glitch has caused some 800,000 mistakes in who's willing to donate what.

Eighty. Thousand. Organ donor errors. Per year.

I haven't heard of anything on this magnitude in any free market health care system. Sure, everywhere's got it's glitches, but in a free market system, those glitches mean a loss of trust, which leads to a loss of revenue, which leads to the business that refuses to admit there's a problem, much less correct it, to go bankrupt. Government doesn't have that problem--at least, until the money runs out because the taxpayers have been bled to death to support that given society's dead weight.

It starts.

We're already facing a doctor shortage, thanks to mandatory Medicaid.

You see, when people have to pay out of their own pockets, whether it's the full amount or a co-pay with insurance, they think twice: "Do I really need to take a virus to the doctor? Do I really need a prescription for that poison ivy, or will Calamine or Benedryl cream work for less?"

If it's a "right," and it's "free," people will be in and out of the doctors' offices for freakin' aspirin for a headache.

In fact, had mandatory Medicaid benefits gone into effect right away, it would already be happening.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Most of the Polish leadership has been killed in a plane crash. On Russian soil. It's been blamed on fog and pilot error.

The timing and placement of this is quite suspicious, in my opinion. First of all, the trip was in commemoration of the slaughter of Poles by the Russians in WWII. It was on Russian soil. They've put Vladimir Putin in charge of investigating the causes of the crash.

This is the nation that poisoned a defector with a difficult-to-extract radioactive isotope, thallium. You know, something obvious. Designed to send a message.

This is the nation that poisoned a man running for president of one of its former satellite countries, for fear that he would try to remove his country from their oppressive sphere of influence by joining NATO. Which he tried. And failed.

The description of the crash is that the pilot was warned off, continued to try to land, suddenly accelerated, and somehow lost contact with the tower. There were no survivors.

Something is very rotten in Denmark.

Arrest the parent, not the child.

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, arrested a twelve-year-old girl for trespassing when she refused to leave a senator's office as it was closing, during an anti-war protest. Her mother, who was outside on the sidewalk, was ticketed for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

First of all, while I don't like the cause for which the child was protesting, the police were fully in the wrong to arrest any peaceful protester. Peaceful protest is protected speech and assembly under the first amendment. The most the police should have done was forcibly remove the girl and the woman who remained in the office to the sidewalk outside.

Second, the kid was twelve years old. The police should have arrested her mother, run both of them in, and called her father to come pick her up.

However you want to look at it, the girl's mother got off too lightly, and the police overreacted.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby-rapers can fuck off.

Especially religious baby-rapers. This is revolting. A thirteen year old girl in Yemen was given in marriage to an adult, probably raped on her wedding night, and killed by her husband. No, it wasn't murder. It was because of the consummation: she suffered a rupture in her sex organs and bled to death.

And, apparently, "child brides" are extremely common in Yemen.

News flash, retards: little girls are not sized to take adult men. Of course they're going to rupture and die.

Yemeni Islamic males can fuck off and die. May their camels knock them down and sodomize them so that they can understand just how bad they've hurt the little girls they've married and raped. May they then be tied down, ass up and naked, in a prison for sexual deviants with abnormally large penises and repeatedly raped until they have a rupture that causes them to bleed to death. May their arrival in hell be gleefully met by a thousand demons with penises the size of their camels', just to keep things familiar.

And, just to make sure I'm not accused of racism, may Tony Alamo and Warren Jeffs suffer the same fate.

Since the FFOT has kind of gone on hiatus, I decided to post some of what I would have said there, here. If anyone is reading, and has a gripe, take it away in the comments.

Why apologize?

Having models of mosques on firing ranges for military training strikes me as a good idea.

...and sometimes, modern feminism does good things.

I hope the pharmaceuticals company being sued loses. I hope it fires the creep that created the hostile environment. 5,600 women are in on the lawsuit. That indicates that there is a problem beyond just a hysterical female with a hate on for all males. So does the first witness's testimony.

You don't advise an employee to get an abortion, no matter what gender you are.

We're gonna get nuked.

Sarah Palin is entirely correct. After Dear Leader unilaterally decided to cut our nuclear armament and declared nuclear retaliation off the table, Iran came out and said that they'll retaliate if we threaten them. And that includes sanctions.

And Dear Leader said that Palin was inexperienced with nuclear strategy. I cannot believe Dear Leader thought that his stated policies would help preserve our national safety. That takes a level of naivete that's frightening in the office he holds.

WOW! Leftists with a sense of humor, and a fiscal conservative governor without one!

I mean, usually, it's the lefties that don't have a sense of humor, and the righties that do. But here, it's the other way around.

And yes, I thought the joke was as funny when it was about a Repubican as I thought it was about a Dhimmicrite.

Definitely time for the National Guard posted at the border.

Right behind a twenty-five foot high, six foot thick wall topped with four feet of razor wire and broken glass.

In no way should we, as a nation, permit Mexican gangs to target our law enforcement officers for assassination.

If the administration would do this, I can provide the spin: it's a shovel-ready project that would create thousands of jobs, helping to turn the economy around.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I thought segregation was illegal, now.

I mean, come on. I don't think Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr., fought for segregated political parties.

The FCC needs to be disbanded.

Just like the BATF, the DEA, and various other federal agencies, the FCC just keeps trying to usurp more and more power over our lives.

I'm glad they lost, this time. I wouldn't count on them continuing to lose. Not with this administration's insistence to make sure there's an equal sharing of bad quality goods and services.

I don't see how they can possibly be surprised.

I mean, the current administration is doing absolutely everything it possibly can to collapse our free-market economy. How is it any surprise that Canada's dollars are equal to ours, now? How is it any surprise that the jobless rate rose again?

And, with all of the crap written into mandatory Medicaid designed to punish business owners, is it any wonder that the average American is pissed off about it?