Sunday, July 21, 2013


We now have another closet.

Between one thing and another (stored stuff and an electric water heater), there's no room in the tiny, unlighted closet in our bedroom for our clothes.  We're planning to take the end of the hall bathroom--which is sort of wasted space, now--and put up a wall and put in a door from our bedroom to create a nice-sized walk-in closet. 

Doesn't help us much now.  So, we decided to go ahead and build in a closet anyway. 

Odysseus put up brackets and a closet rod Friday.  Yesterday, he went and got a shelf cut at Home Depot, then brought it home and spray painted it white. 

Voila!  Closet.  No, there's no entry into our bedroom--yet--but at least it's functional.'m gonna start hanging up all of our clothes.  And then we're going to take out the closet rack taking up a good portion of our usable floor space in our master bedroom that those clothes had been hanging on.

Our bedroom is so crammed with packed away winter clothes, and boxes of hang-up clothes (the rack collapsed) that we can't get to the dressers to put clean clothes away, and only have a path between the door and the bed, and enough clear floor space to open and close the bathroom door.

Guess what my project is for the week...

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