Monday, July 15, 2013

I hate mold.

Saturday morning, we had an "adventure."  The drain hose decided that the perfect time to come loose from the washer was during the spin/drain cycle, just after the wash cycle. 

And, since we hadn't gotten the carpet out from under the washer and dryer yet...we're battling mold. 

I've got a quarter of the last bit of carpet out, but Odysseus isn't feeling up to helping me get the last of it, especially not a couple of hours before he has to be at work.  And I, after having gotten one of the worst moldy spots (thanks to a storm door that doesn't fit permitting rain to come in around the back door), don't feel up to finishing the job, even if he did feel up to helping. 

I fucking hate mold.  Especially in carpets.

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