Monday, July 15, 2013

Only another hour and a bit...

The kids go to bed at eight.  I think they'll be spending all of the time between now (6:42) and then in their rooms. 

Why?  Because the pixie and the imp conspired to slosh half a child's bath's worth of water on the floor.

The pixie finished her bath, and dried off while the imp frantically stripped off and jumped in.  I turned on America's Funniest Home Videos for her, and she watches until a commercial break.  I'm busy in the kitchen.  She says, "I gotta go peepee, Momma," and takes off before I could do anything.  I can't exactly drop what I'm doing anyway.

By the time I get there, she's coming out of the bathroom, as naked and wet as if she'd just gotten out, so I ask her if she got back in.  "No," is the very soft answer. 

So...I go look.  And I find that there had been a splash fight with one on the potty chair and the other in the tub.  The bath mat is soppy, and there's water in the trashcan with the pull ups. 

The floor has a linoleum section surrounding the toilet and side of the tub.  It's about three or so feet wide by five or so feet long--the length of the tub. 

There was water standing about half an inch deep across that whole segment of linoleum, and soaking into the carpet. 

I am so very, very angry with them that they're going to be staying in their rooms until I cool off.  Mommy needs a time out.

And a stiff drink.

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