Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random ramblings

My imp has been testing his boundaries, this week--doing things that he knows he gets in trouble for.  I think he's been testing to make sure everything is still the same.  But it's been a royal pain to deal with.  Especially since I only really get snuggles from that one when I get him up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

I've started letting him go out into the fenced in back yard by himself while I work in the utility room or kitchen, where I can watch him.  He's very good about staying inside the fence, and being good.  His sister, on the other hand...she takes eyes constantly on her, or she's fiddling with the gate, trying to get it open. 

The pixie has been really taking things she learns on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood seriously.  She's been wandering around, picking up her toys and taking them back into her room, singing, "Clean up, pick up, put away...clean up every day."  Something she learned, and took to heart.  I need to get her some shelves for her room so that she has someplace to "put away."  Right now, all of her babies share a single 6" x 21" cradle, and the stuffed animals go in the crib still in her room, and everything else gets tossed in her play house.

I got the back room mostly cleaned totally out.  I've got one more box of kitchen stuff, and then it's all out.  The cats really like it--I've opened up whole new areas to explore.  I've also uncovered nice, cool cement floor for them to sprawl on when it's hot. 

The pup...needs bathed again.  She's going to be a very unhappy puppy tomorrow.  She should be glad that I don't think she needs another haircut, yet.  Close, but not yet.  Maybe in another week or two. 

I've gotten a couple more stories written on the sequel to The Godshead, but not as much as I was hoping to get written.  I've got nine stories left to write, and I'm tempted to add a couple more that I have ideas for. 

Speaking of The Godshead, I seem to have sold a couple more Kindle editions.  Thanks, whoever bought them, and I hope you enjoy the stories and the world. 

Last, but not least, Survivors will be on free promo from Monday, 7/8 through Friday, 7/12. 


  1. Finding the boundaries is always an interesting process . . . . he'll be much easier to deal with when he's 13 . . . . :) Enjoy Ms. H, time goes so damn fast. Sounds like you have two great kids and one big one! :)

    1. Oh, I do. Especially in public. They're total angels, in public. At home, on the other hand...


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