Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have an idea.

This is flat wrong.  I can understand the motivations, but God above, that's what the Nazis did to the prisoners under their control! 

I have a better idea. 

Offer every woman who's had two babies by two different men, and has never been married, a million dollars, tax free IF she...

...accepts free sterilization.

...accepts that her fingerprints and social security number will be recorded, and she will never get anything other than a WIC voucher again. 

Doubtlessly, the million would be gone in a year or two, but that's not our problem.  And WIC vouchers do not buy junk food.


  1. Better yet cut them off welfare completely

    1. My way would avoid rioting, looting, and damage to infrastructure.

  2. Some commentator - I forget who it was (maybe Mike Gallagher?) proposed the idea of "two years and done" - that is, you get two years of unemployment, welfare, and SNAP in your life. If you can't whip your life back into shape after two years and start making it, then it's time for you to start hoping private charities will help you. (Social Security, he pointed out, is a little different, seeing as people who worked actually paid in to that system. Though there are people who get back far more than they paid in, and probably people like me, who have ~25 years to retirement, will get back far less)

    I'm sure there are things about that idea that are not thought out and would render it unworkable, but I have to say I wish more people saw government support as help through a rough time and NOT a way of life.

    1. An article I posted recently was an essay written by a public school teacher in a low income area. One of the career day "What do you want to be when you grow up?" type activities had more than half the girls stated that they wanted to have babies and collect ever-growing welfare checks. As a career.


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