Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Free book!!

I'm going to be offering Survivors for free July 8-12 (Monday through Friday of next week).  If you haven't read it and think you might like to, that's the time to get it.

I'm about ten stories away from finished with a rough draft of the sequel to The Godshead (although, after tonight, I'm hoping that countdown will be set at seven or eight).  After that, I'll be writing The Last Pendragon's sequel.  I hope to have Godshead's sequel ready for publication around Thanksgiving (with a free promo of Godshead about a week prior) , and Resurgent (Pendragon's sequel) ready to go by next April. 

And, like I said, I've got a dozen more novel ideas ready to be written after that. 


  1. I'm still on your beta reader list, right?

    1. Yep. As soon as I get the rough draft through at least one revision. Nobody sees my first drafts (except you, the one time, with the really creepy story).


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