Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On the To Do list for today:

1. Get the rest of the carpet pulled up.

2.  Move an antique dresser back to the laundry room for extra storage use, and to fold clothes on.

3. Get eyes checked.

4. Get husband enrolled in classes.

It doesn't seem like a lot, at first glance, but the last part of the carpet is under the washer and dryer.  About all I can think of is to slide the dryer down, strip up that part of the carpet, and then move the washer down, or prop the front up, pull out part of the carpet, then prop the back up, and pull out the rest. 

The dresser is in my son's room, at the other end of the house--there are four doorways and two very sharp turns (from the bedroom door through the hall doorway into the living room, and from the living room through the living room door).  And the dresser is heavy solid wood.

My eye appointment is at noon, and my other half wants to get his enrollment done this morning.  I'd be happy to push some of this until tomorrow, but we're visiting my mother tomorrow. 

At least I got unstuck on that story that didn't want to be started.  Imagine the Valkyries at a rodeo...


  1. I tell my wife if she gets her eyes checked she will see the real me and want a divorce. LOL. We have been together 27 years.

    1. My 'scrip hasn't changed, but my glasses' frames are really beat up from three years of getting knocked off my face by clumsy rough-housing with my kids.


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