Tuesday, July 30, 2013

getting started...class prep

I finished my Comp I textbook, and uploaded it to the enhanced course site last week.  And I thought that was all, because last I'd checked, there were more than 10 students in both courses.  I guess...either some dropped, or our new university president, in all his infinite wisdom, decided the "make" number had to be higher. 

All I know is that, instead of my 8:00 class in the same room as my 9:00 class (leaving me with a two hour block after class for office hours) I have a 9:00 and a 10:00 class, both in the same room.  I can either stick with the two hours after class (getting home an hour later) or I can go in for an office hour before class (one that will NEVER be used, and that the students will complain is too early).

Beyond that...the course is a Comp II course.  Which I thought I'd have all fall semester to revise and rewrite the book for. 

I still have three weeks before classes start, so I can go ahead and rewrite the textbook, but I may not have time to do anything else productive before then, where writing is concerned. 

Is anyone interested in beta reading a Comp II text?  It's all persuasive/argumentative writing, where the Comp I course is expository writing edging toward persuasive. 


  1. Sure, I'll help out. I've had to jump through my butt often enough that I know how you're feeling.

  2. I'll help too. With some instructions as to what you want me to look for, please.


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