Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is seriously cool: a fisherman caught a 200 year old fish that was living 900 feet below the ocean's surface. 

What isn't cool is this: "critics are fuming that he didn't snap a few amazing selfies and throw the majestic animal back to enjoy its old age in peace reminding us that catch and release is the respectful, humane way to go." 

Okay, idiots.  Let's go over a basic fact, here.  The fish was dead from decompression by the time he'd gotten it halfway up.  If he'd thrown it back, it would have washed up on shore, rotten.  Useless.  Wasted

That strikes me as disrespectful and inhumane. 


  1. I read he'll have it mounted, which preserves his record.

    Me? Unless it's poisonous, there would be something grilled, fried or broiled, served with potatoes and a garden salad.

    1. Yep. He's got a much better idea of what's respectful and humane than the PETArds.

  2. When I go fishing, it involves my Grandsons. Unless what we catch is really small, we eat them. If I ever caught a true monster of any type, I'd probably have it mounted for the man cave.

    1. I haven't been fishing for more than fifteen years. Last time I went, I got chigger-bit so bad that I wound up allergic to them for a couple of years.

  3. In deap sea fishing, the vital organs of the
    fish are outside of their mouths. They are in
    fact dead before you land them.

    Liberals would like to think that if you threw
    them back in the water, all will be well. In
    reality, they are dead. They have gone to meet
    their maker. They are expired. They are not
    resting, or pining for the fjords.

    They are in fact dead parrots:


    1. About all I know about deep sea fish is that they live in incredible pressures, and are not meant to come to the surface. And so, they die.


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