Friday, July 26, 2013

FFOT: debt collectors.

TinCan Assassin has had trouble with them.

Debt collectors are sub-human at best, with spiritual halitosis that reeks of the blood of their victims.  At worst, they're a wart inside the anus of the world (that being telemarketers in general). 


  1. Students who don't bother to come by my (copious) office hours to get help when they need it, but then e-mail me AFTER the final exam begging for "extra credit" or to "have their grade bumped up" can FTFO. Honey, this is a prerequisite class for a lot of other classes. I would not be doing my JOB if I granted you a passing grade when I believe you have not learned a basic level of competence in the field.

    And I don't. So you can take the class again. Perhaps you will have fewer issues that make you miss class the second go-round.

    And this class is NOT impossible to pass; 90% of the class earned a C or better.

    1. It takes real effort to fail my class...but people manage, then whine about it.


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