Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I shouldn't laugh...I really shouldn't.

I contacted the distance learning administration, yesterday, hoping that I could get them to open a new course shell so that I could start manipulating it as soon as the textbook was ready.  I got back an email that kinda reeked of frustration and irritation, telling me that the administrator (who'd always been cheerful and helpful before) literally could not do that, that the whole thing was automated, and would generate a shell based on the course's designation in the university's platform system. 

I almost, almost, sent back this response:
Wow.  It must really suck to have the ability to do your job removed from you, while people still expect the same level of job performance from you with someone else's system in place.  Too bad you can't do what I did, and just go back to teaching in a classroom.
I honestly don't know why I didn't...except I do fully understand her frustration, and would have hunted down and hurt someone who said something like that to me last semester.

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