Saturday, July 6, 2013


Longest Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment on Record...

I don't understand how the unemployment numbers--which include underemployment--can read at 7.5% unemployment, when only 47% of adults have a full-time job.  Not without someone massaging the numbers until it should count as prostitution, at least. 

Then again, they literally cannot report the accurate numbers without full scale rejection of their ideas and ideology.  They cannot let the country know that the unemployment numbers are so much higher, not without every congresscritter in DC losing their job. 

I'm employed part-time as a college professor.  Odysseus's pizza delivering gig is part time, and his hours were cut back after the "Affordable" Care Act mandates started approaching.  Many universities--the people who fought so hard to get this anal-reaming of a law passed--are cutting back hours for their people to avoid the requirements.  Full-time jobs are disappearing, because they're too expensive, given the requirements for the "Affordable" Care Act's minimum legal health insurance.  I predict that, in two years, the only people employed full-time will be government employees--who, I believe, are exempt from the "Affordable" Care Act, anyway. 

And then, it will collapse.  What follows that is anyone's guess. 

Things are not going to get any better unless and until the "Affordable" Care Act is repealed.  


  1. "massaging the numbers until it should count as prostitution"


    I'm saving that one.

  2. Actually, they're not exempt - one Demo Congressman was complaining about it not being fair that they weren't exempt. Apparently they're going to get hit with the fines for their excessively good coverage. I think that would fall under Karma - maybe they should have read the damn thing first.

    1. Bleedin' awesome! That needs to happen with EVERY FUCKING LAW they pass!


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