Parker 45.  I can't tell from what year.  It comes with the original squeeze converter, so you can use bottled ink OR cartridges. $55

UPDATE: SOLD!  Thank you, and I really hope you enjoy your pen!

First edition Parker 21 from 1948, with a squeeze filler.  Requires bottled ink. Listed on Etsy.

Platignum Silverline.  Squeeze filler, and would need bottled ink.  It has a broad, Italic nib, and would work quite well as a calligraphy pen. SOLD.

Arnold pen.  Good, smooth, fine nib; lever fill, needs bottled ink.  SOLD.

Purchase through Etsy, since I've created a storefront here. (Yes, I also make and sell knit hats and scarves and shawls and stuff like that--I'll post pics of what I've got sometime soon.  Once I find it all.)

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