Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I really hate mold.

All that's left of the carpet in the back room is what's directly under, behind, and to the left of the washer--about a square yard of soggy, moldy rug.  We moved the dryer, and I got what had been under it, and what was in front of the washer ripped out.  Odysseus told me he'll get the last part out from under the washer in a little bit, leaving the appliances sitting on bare concrete...where, if we have another leak, we won't wind up with saturated carpet breeding mold.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be soaking the glued down carpet pad with white vinegar before we go to my mother's, and hopefully getting it scraped up after we get home. 

Right now, I'm sucking down a cup of coffee, letting the heat help with the sinus headache I wound up with. 

I'm not allergic to much...but mold is the worst. 

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