Saturday, July 20, 2013


Police forces using military tactics is completely unacceptable in anything but a third-world dictatorship or a totalitarian regime.  The laws need to be changed--now--to permit law abiding homeowners to shoot back when their doors are kicked in, and to not charge them with murder when and if a cop gets killed. 

Especially when there is no warrant involved


  1. This will happen alot more. If you shot the cops breaking down your door, they will blow you and everyone else sky high.

    1. Every cop on a no-knock warrant (or a warrentless invasion) who kills a family dog, or kicks in the door of the wrong house, or in any way harms someone other than the vicious child molester or murderer they were hunting should be up on murder charges, and be convicted. Every. Time.

      Military tactics have no place in a civilian police force.


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