Friday, July 26, 2013

Plans for the future...

The pixie just finished weaning herself last week.  This is the first time in more than five years that I haven't been either pregnant or nursing.  She's also starting to work a bit on potty training.  The imp is pretty much done with it (right after having gotten a new box of pull-ups, too), but the pixie is starting to try in earnest.  Once she's done with'll be time to decide whether or not we're finished having children.  I don't want to decide while I'm still dealing with changing diapers.  Or spending money on diapers.

I had my eyes checked a week ago.  My prescription hasn't changed in three years, so we're planning on getting my eyes fixed next summer.  As 'tis, I can't see four inches from the end of my nose clearly without my glasses.  Very much not good for emergency situations.  And hard to find shooters' safety glasses that fit over the top of my glasses.

Odysseus is enrolled for two online classes for the fall semester.  He's planning on getting his accounting degree, and taking the CPA exam--partially because we think it would be easier for him to get the kind of job he wants if he's got it, and partially so that, if all else fails, he can just hang out a shingle and go to work as a CPA on his own.

After we've widened and deepened our income stream, we'll think about whether homeschooling or private, Catholic school is a better option for our kids, and whether and/or when we can sell our current home, and move out of town.

Right now, though, my immediate plans include finishing up getting living room stuff out of the bedroom, getting it vacuumed, and getting the kids' new desks and chairs put together.  The desks and chair are pretty much the same as in the ad below, but are in a walnut finish rather than pecan.  They should last the kids for a while.  I hope.

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