Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Almost done...

In cleaning and decluttering the master bedroom, I found something like three or four loads of laundry, hiding under the collapsed clothes rack that we mistakenly put in, in the hopes that it would stand in for an inadequate closet.

As of today, all of that backed-up laundry is finished.  All of the winter clothes have now been found and packed away.  The stuff pulled out of the living room when we rearranged it the first time has been (mostly) sorted between trash and useful, necessary items, and the neccesary things are ready to come back out.

Tomorrow, we go to visit Odysseus's parents with the kids, and I'll have a day off from too much work to do. 

Friday, I'm planning to get the floor cleared up enough to be able to vacuum.  And maybe make a start on sorting the stuff in the baskets on top of Odysseus's dresser. 

It's been a long week. 

And I'm a good ways toward being done with decluttering the bedroom, and making it livable. 

Unfortunately...that translates to little or no writing being done. 


  1. You know that now that you have put the winter clothes away we are going to have a early winter.....Damn you !!! Think I'm kidding?? The temp here tomorrow is going to me 70, 70!! It was near 100 last week. ITS ALL YOUR

    1. I wouldn't mind an early, long, cool fall. It would let me get the kids outside a lot more.

  2. With entries like this one why do I get the impression you four live in a hovel???



    1. Possibly because I'm a lousy housekeeper. The house is fine--the clutter was hip-deep in the bedroom


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