Monday, July 8, 2013

I have an idea!

Chicago resident Rashauda Tolbert says of her city's tendency toward gun violence, "It’s crazy. Kids can’t play outside. People can’t sit on their porches. The shooting has been going on for days. Why we gotta be prisoners in our homes?"

You "gotta be prisoners" because you live in a gun control advocate's paradise.  You live in a state run by people who force you to be a victim.  If you don't like can change your state's government, or you can move somewhere that will let you buy yourself a gun, and shoot back at the rude little shits spraying bullets everywhere.

In the meantime?  I think you're stupid for staying someplace like that.


  1. They elect all of these gun haters that won't let them defend themselves and then complain when the criminals are running wild. Part of the problem is a severe lack of parenting. Maybe if junior had gotten a good ass whippin when he was younger, he wouldn't be pulling this shit now.

    1. The biggest problem is that the children aren't cherished, loved, and protected by their parents, but looked at as a bigger paycheck by the sluts that use them as a career path: the more kids, the more money they get from taxpayers.


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