Saturday, July 20, 2013

random ramblings

The imp has kept his nighttime pull-up dry for two nights in a row, now.  I'm so very, very proud of him!  Yes, it means cutting off his liquid intake at six (an hour after he gets supper), and getting him up to use the toilet before I go to bed, but he's doing it. 

If he can keep a dry pull-up (with Mom and Dad's help) for five more nights, he gets to sleep in underwear, and get a new train tracks set (a cheap one). 

The pixie is very happy little girl most of the time...but is starting to try throwing a temper tantrum when she's told no.  Starts to cry, and when that doesn't work, she screams.  She's had a week of warnings, now, and the next time it happens, she's getting a swat on her diaper or pull-up before getting sent to her room. 

They're both growing so fast.  His sweats, which fit him fine last month, are half an inch above his ankle bones, now.  One of her pairs of stretchy pants that she wears to sleep were too tight, and an inch too short, when I put them on her last night--last month, they fit perfect.

Right now, since it's been so hot, lately, and since there's pretty much no small children's programming on after seven in the morning on Saturdays, we're outside.  They're running in circles around me in the hopes to wear out some of their boundless energy before going back inside. 

The dog didn't crap in her crate, this morning.  It's the first morning since the pixie tried to get up at six--I got her put back down, and the imp didn't knock on our door for company until nine thirty.  Dog is used to going outside by seven thirty, so she was (understandably) unable to not crap in her crate that morning. 

However.  That does not  explain or excuse doing it every morning since

We tried switching the cats to adult cat food, earlier this month.  Shadow (the black one) didn't seem to do well.  She went lethargic, and started eating more--which means she packed on the weight.  I remember reading, somewhere, that cats won't overeat if they're getting all of the nutrients they need, but they won't stop eating until they get those nutrients. 

So, we switched them back to the kitten food.  And Shadow is playing a lot again, and has stopped overeating.  Cricket seems happier, too.

(They're about fourteen months old, now, OCM, so it wasn't a case of putting kittens on adult cat food.)

The dog very much likes her adult dog food.  The Purina One has bits of dried meat in it, and she LOVES it.  She sorts through and eats that first, then plays with the rest while she's eating. 

We got the last of the imp's old dresser moved into the laundry room part of the back room, and moldy carpet from under the appliances on Wednesday.  I've still got the carpet pad to get scraped up, but that bit doesn't have mold in it. 

And Thursday, our car, a '93 four-door Lexus, decided to get critically ill.  The radiator developed a crack on the way up to my mother's house.  Odysseus let it cool, then tried to nurse it home.  No luck.  We had to call for a tow to a local mechanic, and then my mom took Odysseus to our house, so that he could get the two-door '03 Civic that he drives for work.

So, I haven't gotten much writing done this week.  I've gotten everything else done, but not that.  

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