Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not a bad idea, but...

Not that I have any objection to schools teaching gun safety in first grade, but shouldn't parents be teaching their kids to, I don't know, not touch guns?  I started teaching my kids the Eddie Eagle gun safety rules as soon as they were awake long enough.  Repeated them over and over, from the time they were infants.

Want to know something?  Neither kid touches guns when they're on Mom or Dad.  Nor do they touch if they happen to wander into a room when I'm changing clothes (and don't have my gun on at that moment).  If they find one of the airsoft guns, they come get me to put it up. 

It wasn't hard.  And they think of our guns as just something else Mommy and Daddy put on in the morning, like their pants.  Y'know...boring.

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