Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tell me who this reminds you of...

We recently discovered that our kids (the pixie in particular) love The Muppet Show.  We got the first season, and they've been greatly enjoying it.

So have we--but I'm more than a little surprised by how adult it actually is.  It's been a relief. 

In any case, one song so far has stood out as pretty telling.  In my opinion, it describes the process by which politicians get themselves elected.  It's been more obvious than usual with the current crop of baboons in the White House.


Some stupid bint is trying to sue McDonald's for poor personal life choices she made. 

Okay, sweetheart, let's look at your case.  You were working at Mickey-D's as a cashier, when you started dating the franchise owner (strike one).  You claim he had you wrongfully fired (it happens, sometimes, when people don't want to look like they're playing favorites).  And then you say he started pressuring you to become a legal prostitute in Nevada. 

Fair enough.  I kind of see where you're coming from.  But sweetie?  It's still all on you

1.  What possessed you to think dating your boss's boss was a good idea?

2. Yeah, you were fired from your job as a McDonald's cashier.  What kept you from finding another job?

3. When your boss's boss had you fired and started pressuring you into being a whore, why did you stay with him?  And why the fuck did you marry him when he won the argument?

4. Last, but not least, how in the world can you think that your actions were not your fault?  You made the piss-poor choices ever step of the way, sweetheart.

Here's hoping the judge laughs you out of court, then orders you to pay McDonald's legal fees for being such a brainless, whiny twit.  

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks, Bill.

A while back, Bill of e.IA.f.t. left a comment on one of my posts (this one, specifically) that has really helped me.  A lot. 

Most of my house is clean.  For, perhaps, the first time since about a month before my imp was born (when I couldn't bend over any more).

He pointed me at the FlyLady.  Yes, a lot of her site deals with a lot of feel-good, self-esteem bullshit, but there's also a lot of really good advice about how to build cleaning into a routine.  That's something I never really learned, growing up--neither keeping house nor cooking (though I seem to be pretty good at cooking for my family--it may not look pretty, but it tastes so good!).

The advice on how to start has been invaluable: start with something small (shine the sink), and build habits around it (you can't really do that unless you keep up with the dishes.  And then you start building from that).  The advice on how to continue has been at least as invaluable.  Up until recently, I tried to do a room a day. 

Trust me, trying to clean an entire disaster area room starts out looking worse than before you tried to deal with the mess.

No, the advice that's gotten my house cleaner than it's been since I had my first child (who's going to be three and a half in about a week) has been 1. break the room into chunks, and 2. work in 15 minute increments. 

I still have the bedrooms and our future dining/now storage room to go, but the kitchen, living room, hall, and hall bath are presentable enough that my in-laws have been invited to visit tomorrow (bringing the imp with them, as he's spent the last two nights with Granma and Grampa). 

Again, many thanks to Bill for pointing me in the right direction.  I owe you at the very least the drink of your choice.

FFOT: racist idiots

I've been working on finishing getting my house clean enough for my in-laws to visit, so I'm a bit too tired for the vitriol this deserves.  Doesn't mean my language is much better, just not as emphatic.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sometimes, it's only about race because someone takes it that way.

With the flap about the Zimmerman/Martin thing, and the Shabazz comments about Detroit, it really seems like someone is trying to stir up some election year racial tension, probably in the hopes that the same dipshits that voted the black candidate in '08 will do so again this year. 

Given the complete lack of a difference in policy platforms between Obama and the current likely GOP candidate, they may well accomplish that, just so that said dipshits can congratulate themselves for not being racist*.   
In fact, some candidates are running on the platform of "Vote for me for U.S. Senate!!!  Because I'm black, and there aren't any black senators!!!  Despite the fact that blacks are 12% of population!!!  That's got to be racist, or some shit!!"

Okay.  He's right that there aren't any black senators; however, how many have gotten to the point where they could run?  Not many.  How many were proven to have bought votes to win the primaries?  (Jackson, anyone?)  How many are sufficiently divorced from the thug/gangsta culture that their records are clean enough to give them a chance to win?

How hard does the mainstream media work to tear down any who don't run on the plantation--er, Democrat ticket?

I won't speculate about who is really flogging racial tensions, or who's been behind a lot of the power plays in the early presidential game, but it's interesting that the only black GOP candidate was driven from the race before it really even started, and Obama doesn't have to run against another black man.

I am really tired of the whole "You're racist!!!1!eleventy-one!!" accuation toward anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies.  I am not racist.  I hate pretty much every politician out there, and I despise the thug culture that seems so prevalent, not just in black populations, but in white and Hispanic ones, too.

It is not about the color of their skin, but the content of their character (or lack thereof) that leads me to vote for--or against--someone.  Leave the color group identity politics out of it, you bloody racists.

*Little do said dipshits realize that voting for the black man because he's black is just as racist as voting against him because he's black.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, please do...

Minister Malik Shabazz has said that instead of permitting an emergency takeover to resolve the city's financial issues*, he'd rather burn the city down.

Please, please, please do.  Save us the trouble of bailing your entitlement-minded ass out of the pit you dug it into. 

However, I really wish he'd stop trying to turn it into a race issue.  I am absolutely certain that there are leftist-run majority white cities that are in the same kind of financial trouble.  Black people do not have the stupidity market cornered, nor do they have the debt market cornered. 

Those who live in glass houses...

Pennsylvania Democrat Babbette Josephs has a problem with the whole idea of making women get an ultrasound before permitting them to murder their unborn children.  She has a major problem with the women in their state congress that introduced the law, calling them "men with breasts."

I can only assume she doesn't own a mirror.  This is Representative Josephs.