Thursday, October 4, 2012

Story of a dog...

I never told the story of how we ended up with a pure bred Scotty puppy, did I?  There's a bit of schadenfreude involved...

Anyhow, my mother has always wanted a Scotty dog.  I don't remember a time when she didn't just love them.  So, when one of my aunts called Mom in May or June with a sob story about a breeder who needed to either put down or give away a breeding pair that hadn't successfully birthed or raised a live litter in two years, Mom jumped at her chance.  My aunt took the male, and Mom went and got the female. 

Mom ended up with the male, too, for a while, twice: once, my aunt's soon-to-be-ex abusive husband made her get rid of her dog because the dog bit him (good dog), and then a neighbor told her that the next time the little guy pooped on his property he'd shoot the dog. 

The female is pretty much half-tame, or less.  She's not vicious, just terrified of humans, despite longing for affection and comfort.  Mom loves her anyway.

Neither adult dog was house trained.  Both were accustomed to a three by six by six foot cage. 

Anyway, Mom noticed at the end of June that her dog was getting fat.  And her teats were swelling. 

Yup.  The dog the breeder thought was too old was pregnant. 

We waited, and she went off and birthed some of that litter stillborn.  We didn't think she still had any surviving, but on July 19, she went and hid and had the rest of the litter.  Three puppies, live, and healthy.  We waited, afraid that the puppies wouldn't survive, while Mom fed the mama dog on table scraps, canned food, and Purina One dog food, as much as she could eat. 

And all three puppies survived.

Apparently, the breeder was overbreeding the little female, and wasn't feeding her well enough to nourish the dog and the puppies. 

So, Mom has a female Scotty that has her papers.  My aunt has a (now neutered) male Scotty that has his papers.  And we have a pup that, did we care to, could have hers.

All for free, thanks to the careless stupidity of a dog breeder who didn't know jack shit about how to treat her animals to keep them healthy enough to breed successfully.

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