Monday, October 15, 2012


The mice have moved into the house, thicker than I've seen them in a long time, and earlier than I've seen them move in since we've owned this house (six years).  And this despite having a couple of cats that aren't useless, and a dog that shows signs of also being willing and able to hunt mice.

I've heard geese--barely, and only when I'm outside walking the pup--but they've been flying too high and fast to see, or to hear clearly or for long.  They haven't stuck around.  Usually, there are still a few flocks leisurely making their way south, stopping at every park and pond in the area.  I haven't seen more than the dozen or so that live at the run-off reservoir at the trucking company lot on the south end of town year-round. 

I haven't seen any woolly worms, this year, but I'd be willing to bet that they're mostly black. 

Based on these signals, I'm going to be willing to bet we're going to have a nasty winter. 

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