Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random ramblings

The kids are finally over their cold.  I wish I was, too.  They like the soothing vapors bubble bath (thanks, DaddyBear) well enough that they ask for it despite not having their heads so stopped up they can't breathe.  I've been letting them use it, because it helps me to sit beside the tub while they're taking a bath using it. 

It seems like the laptop that the pixie tried her best to kill might work with a different keyboard.  We're getting a USB keyboard today to check that hypothesis, and if so, I've found somewhere that will replace the keyboard for about a third of what it would cost to replace the laptop.

The tablet, on the other hand, doesn't even twitch when the power button is pushed.  It spent a bit more than twenty-four hours sitting in instant rice with the back of the case off.  This morning, I pushed the power button, then plugged it in and pushed the reset button while holding down the power button.  Nothing.  I'll give it a week while the battery runs down, and try it again.  If it stays dead, then the kids have one less toy to play with, and it's entirely the imp's fault.

Too bad.  That touch game taught him how to count, and was helping the pixie learn. 

Speaking of that teaching how to count...I may have to put him in private school, rather than teaching him myself, after all.  He is not willing to sit down and work with me on learning numbers.  He'll sit in my lap as long as I want to read to him, but isn't willing to participate ("Can you find...the cow?" "No, Mama.  Read."  "Can you count chickens with me?"  "No, Mama.  Read.").  He'll do those things with his grandma, but not with me. 

Darn dog woke the pixie back up this morning.  She's usually so quiet while in the house.  This morning, she started barking like an idiot while I was in the kitchen.  I rushed to toss her out the door into her pen so she could bark her fool head off to her heart's content, but it was too late to keep the pixie in bed. 

I've sent The Godshead back to one awesome beta reader, and to a second, volunteer reader.  I may be ready to put it through the publication process by the beginning of December.  I'm still working on Pendragon, slowly.  I should have that ready for a beta reader by Summer Break, at the latest.  And the head of the English Department where I teach wants to be one, because of the way I structured the unique (as far as I know) magic system. 

I'm going to have to steal Odysseus's computer for grading, today.  Just writing this post has got my forearms cramping from using the tiny keyboard, and I have papers to grade.  And blogs. 


  1. Glad the vapor bath helped. It's no fun when little ones are sick.

    As for the tablet, it may just be that the battery was damaged. Would it be possible to crack the case and put in a new one?

    1. If I can get a battery...although, I hate to spend the money on a dead piece of equipment.