Friday, October 5, 2012

FFOT: ingratitude

I am about ready to stop fucking giving any fucking feedback on fucking everything except the fucking papers.  The papers are in my contract--the blogs and the discussion board aren't.  I tell students in the grade book why they don't get the full points when they don't fucking pay attention to the fucking instructions and do the entire fucking assignment fucking correctly the first fucking time. 

And the little fucktards email me whining "Whyyyy didn't I get full credit???  I don't unerstaaaaannnddd!!!" 

Because you didn't fucking follow the fucking instructions.  Go look at your fucking grade book before you fucking bother me.

And those who pester me with "But you didn't grade my stuff and leave me feedback the minute I did the assignment!"  Y'all can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  Your fucking shit is not the only fucking thing I have to fucking grade.  If you want me to fucking do it NOW NOW NOW, you will not fucking like your fucking score because you CAN'T FUCKING DO ANYFUCKINGTHING FUCKING RIGHT, you stupid, fucking mouth-breathing fucking MORON. 

Those who complain about those who are working full time plus volunteering forgetting one small part of their volunteer work can either turn that volunteer work into a fucking paid fucking position or shut the fuck up when your unpaid helper who volunteers non-existent free time (incidentally, this does not make them your slave, or your bitch) messes something up. 

And to family: I buy you groceries because I fucking feel sorry for how stupid you are.  Your choices have been what's caused you to go hungry.  Do not whine about the fact that those fucking groceries aren't the goddamn fucking name brand.  Or that it's the wrong thing, and you don't eat that.  Grow the fuck up, get a fucking job, and buy your own damn groceries.  Because I'm fucking done. 


  1. By extension: people receiving assistance from the government should not whine that it's not more, or that they can't buy certain things on it.

    I regularly get behind people in a grocery store line who are on WIC and who bitch out the cashier because certain things aren't covered. Its purpose is to provide basic nutrition for women, infants, and children needing help. Pre-made barbecue meals and potato chips are not "basic" nutrition.

    And even at that: it's not the cashier's flipping fault! She didn't make the rules! She's trying to make a living and support her family on what is a pretty crappy job....

    1. Absolutely! My mother still complains that food stamps won't buy soap and toilet paper, despite no longer being on food stamps.

      Umm...hello, stupid! People get food stamps to ease the strain of buying food on an otherwise-limited income! You're supposed to take that limited income and use it to, I don't know, BUY YOUR OWN freakin' necessities. And things like potato chips and pre-made barbecue meals.

  2. Fuckin-A....I love this rant!!!!!!!

    yeah....I get days like that too.

    1. Glad I can entertain. Feel free to chime in on the FFOT (Friday Fuck Off Thread) posts with rants of your own.