Sunday, October 28, 2012

Now that the kids are getting a little older...

...I can pick up some of my old hobbies that I'd set aside.  Like knitting.  I've finished a few half-finished projects I'd had laying around, and have undone another to start something else with that yarn.  I've got a multicolored lacy shawl I made with fine yarn and big needles, a few scarves, and I've just started another shawl in a variegated brown, orange, and cream cotton yarn--though that one will be solid (and warm). 

I used to make Gryffindor scarves for sale...and university color scarves.  The Harry Potter scarves I sold for $25 each, but the university colors I sold for $15.  Yes, the yarn cost the same, but college students tend to be able to afford a lot less, and less willing to pay more, than the Harry Potter fans. 

I guess I need to get back into making stuff for sale.  Every little bit helps, and all that.

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