Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can I sue for hostile work enviornment?

  • I'm offended by the automatic assumption that I'm an asshole, and must go through collegiality and anti-hostile work environment training to know how to act like a decent human being.
  • I feel discriminated against in the workplace for my political views.
  • I feel discriminated against in the workplace for my religious views.
  • I'm offended by the stupidity of the administration and the alliance of perpetual victimhood (ADA, GLAAD/LBGT, Young Democrats, etc.).  
  • I'm offended by people looking for something to take offense at, and the campus seems overpopulated by such assholes.

The occurrences are frequent and egregious, but somehow, I suspect I wouldn't be taken seriously.


  1. It could be worse. My last employer seemed to feel that everyone was a racist homophobe in need of "Diversity and Inclusion" training.

  2. Here is a popular saying that I have applied to myself in regards to other people......

    "what they eat, don't make me shit"

    Think about that one, you'll get what I mean.

    and remember....tomorrow is FFOT....and I am looking forward to the rant..

  3. I know what FFOT stands for now!

    (So proud of myself)

  4. thought of you when I saw a one panel cartoon.
    Board meeting. People sitting around a table. Moderator standing in front of blank paper on an easel. Moderator is saying, "This is a brainstorming session; no filters,no mental edits, no second thoughts, just say whatever comes into your mind first!" Guy at the table yells, "Fuck you!"

    1. Yeah, that would probably be me. Either that phrase, or "fuck off." Maybe "Go fuck yourself; I'm actually doing useful shit."