Thursday, October 18, 2012

I don't know whose idea it was...

I had sent the kids to go play in their rooms, earlier, and they were quietly playing in the imp's room for a long time.  I got up and went to get a drink of water, and sat back down.  Several minutes later, I realized that they were even quieter.  So, I got up, and went to the gate between the living room and the hall where the bedrooms are. 

Only to find Odysseus's and my bedroom door standing open, and the room far brighter, and with a different tone to the light, than it should have been.

The little $#!^s had yanked the curtain and curtain rod down. 

The pixie had gotten her rear swatted earlier in the afternoon for going into Mommy and Daddy's room.  She got sent to her room with a spank, because she does know better. 

Then, I went to the imp's room and spanked him, too--she can't open the door by herself, yet, and I'm not sure she can get up on our bed without help. 

It has definitely been one of those days.  They're so lucky they're my kids.  If they'd been anyone else's, I'd be heading to prison for murdering their parents.


  1. Children are such a blessing.

    Better you than me.

    1. Better me than a lot of my friends. My children are still intact, they can still sit down (though they did not avoid spanking altogether, I do not take it too far, no matter how mad I get), and as far as I can tell, their ears aren't ringing. Too much.