Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poor baby imp.

Sometimes he has to learn things the hard way.  I've been telling him to watch where he puts his feet, and not to step on the puppy (because if he hurts her, she'll bite) for a while, now. 

He wasn't watching where he was jumping down off the couch (also something I'd told him not to do, since it was time to wind down for bedtime), and managed to land right on her.  So, she nipped him, just above the ankle on the outside of his right leg.  Got him good, too--barely scratched him with her teeth, but sure pinched up a good bruise.

Maybe now he'll remember to be a little more careful with the puppy.  It hurt worse that getting scratched by a kitty (even though the cat scratches are usually worse). 

Although, he seems to be cheered by his "stripes"--a neon green band-aid over antibiotic ointment I put on the scratches left by her top teeth, and a purple one over the smaller bunch where her bottom teeth pinched a little hard. 

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