Saturday, October 13, 2012

random ramblings

The imp sounds like he's coming down with the same cold as the pixie.  I think I am, too--I've got a sinus headache bad enough I couldn't go to sleep last night until around midnight, or back to sleep this morning.

The pixie recently got a new hat.  It's an owl's head.  She loves it--pulls it on herself, and runs around in circles with her arms out to the side, fluttering her fingers, and going "who-who-who!"  Yep, my not-quite-two year old pixie is pretending to be a little owl flying around.  It's so cute it's almost painful.

The imp is getting better at communicating what he wants, and what he doesn't want.  Sometimes, it gets him into real trouble ("Don't tell Imp what to do!" yelled at Mom or Dad gets him time out first, then a couple of swats over the pants for a second offense, and swats on bare legs or butt for a third). 

He's been telling me all week that "Imp had happy birthday.  Had four candles.  I is four.  Pixie will have two candles.  She is two." 

He almost has enough manual dexterity to be able to start learning to write his letters.  I doubt it will be too much longer at all.  Same with starting to learn phonics.  He's going to be reading before starting school.  He counts objects to about eleven--he kind of gets a little lost past that.

The pixie knows all of her colors, and can count to about eight before she gets lost.

The other small child--the one with fur--has had one accident in the last three days, and that was more my fault than hers.  She's such a good dog.

I decided to take a few of the stories out of The Godshead.  I'm going to let it set for a while, then read the newly-edited version for better flow.  If I like it, I may well create a new blog over on WordPress for The Godshead, and related stories that don't really fit anywhere in any particular collection.  I've got tons of short story ideas for that world, that won't really be long enough to stand alone, but there aren't enough of any particular category to turn into a collection.

I'm still working on outlining The Last Pendragon.  I'm also seeing places where I could add more to strengthen the setting and characters.  I'm still looking over the plot to see if it needs work. 

But, like always during a semester, writing is kind of at the bottom of my priorities list, especially when my kids are sick, and I'm feeling none too good myself.  Thank God I'm mostly caught up on grading.  I had a few things due at midnight last night that I need to get graded today if I can.  My head hurts almost too bad to focus my eyes (I'm actually writing most of this with my eyes closed.  Yay, homekeys touch typing!).

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