Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Go ahead.

I've seen a lot of riot threats if the great zero loses the election, lately.  The most colorful threat in the article was as follows: "If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins..on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot idc."

Pistol whipped, huh.  I can think of better things to do with the pistols I have.  Whipping an attacker is not one of them.  It would mar the finish.

So, I'm going to tell the world what my husband and I will do to prepare for the unlikely event that the riots that will likely occur in places like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and New Orleans, among others, reach our small town (less than one in a hundred in this area are niggers, despite having about a ten to fifteen percent black population, and about thirty percent white trash, which are equally likely to be niggers).

First, I'm going to make sure the pantry is fully stocked with staples--canned goods, dry goods, and a couple flats of bottled water, just in case.  I'm going to get a couple months' worth of any needed medications, because I can't see riots lasting that long, if they even happen.

Next, we're going to stock up on ammo.  I've got a good supply of .308, but that's more than overkill in a suburban situation.  Same with 7.62 x 54R.  .223, on the other hand, we're critically low on.  Same with our handgun calibers, though we can't afford to stock up on .45.

Last, we're going to be spending a bit more time at the range.

Riots don't really scare me much.  Not when they can't hit the broad side of a barn with a full magazine of ammunition, and I can put a magazine of rifle bullets through a spot I can cover with the palm of my daughter's hand, and a dozen Makarov rounds into a grouping I can cover with mine.


  1. I doubt they'd last long. The kind of people who would riot over the free-stuff gravy train slowing down (I don't think Romney/Ryan will STOP it) probably don't have the sticktuitiveness for long rioting. Or, the law-abiding gun-owning citizens of this country will see to it that it doesn't last long.

    That said: like you, I'm going to make sure my pantry and such are WELL stocked before the election. Then again, I always keep enough bare-bones stuff on hand to survive a trucking strike or bad weather or some kind of unpleasantness.

    To be honest? I think some kind of pandemic outbreak is more likely, or some kind of new terrorist attack. But preparation for one covers many....

    1. Same here, on the bare-bones stuff. I've also got a lot in the freezer, but we need to get a generator, and stock up on diesel.

      I think you're right about disaster likelihoods. I just don't want to discount one possibility, and put my kids in more danger than they have to be in by going out for a stock up during dangerous times.

  2. Good plan Ms. H . . . . . nice day, might just need to make a range trip today!

    1. It is a nice day...and we both have awful colds. And a nearly-two year old baby girl with the dregs of one. No shooting for us, today--have extra fun in our place.

  3. Got plenty of ammo and food in the house, could sit here for 3-4 months.

    And I'm one of those people who thought I'd never, ever...ever have to say that.

    It's fucking sad, is what it is.

    MSgt B (Too lazy to log in tonight, just browsing)

    1. Don't worry about lazy. My tomorrow looks to be such.

      We probably have enough basics in the house for about a month...provided there was absolutely no wastage. And only for the two-legged people. We need more puppy and kitten food for the other family members