Sunday, October 21, 2012

Because there is jack-all else on...

The kids are watching Tom and Jerry on DVD.  Absolute first season early Tom looks a lot rougher than the later versions, and the earliest version of Jerry...well, let's just say he reminds one strongly of certain stereotypes of a certain racial demographic in the early 1940's--and the impression is reinforced by the lady of the house being a fat black woman with bad grammar, and a predictable reaction to seeing a mouse. 

They watched it yesterday, too.  I think I may have to get more of these.  The kids love them, and I'm a lot less annoyed by it first thing in the morning than I am by a lot of the PBS kids' shows.  I think it's a lack of dialogue, and a complete lack of high children's voices before I've had my coffee.  And yes, that does rather include my own.

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