Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy day... less than a third done.  I've got most of it back in the laundry room, though.  I'll be working through that pile for the rest of today, and probably most of Wednesday.  (Tomorrow is the pixie's 2nd birthday, and we'll be going up to Grandma and Grandpa's.)

Dishes...clean ones are unloaded and put away.  The dirty ones are half loaded.  After that's done, I've got three pieces of cast iron to clean (a griddle skillet, a 10" skillet, and a 15" skillet), and another batch of cookies to make.

Shopping...done for the week.  We just finished getting the last of the groceries we'll need for a bit, and the milk is switched from the jug I split by dropping it into a gallon pitcher (we lost about a pint or so).

One of the things we got was a larger pen for the puppy.  She's getting big enough now that she can nearly jump out of her three foot high play pen.  The one she's got (that's now zip-tied to our chain link fence) is four feet high, and has eight two-foot-wide panels.  We also got her a house for her outside time (and yes, sometimes she nags to go outside in the most awful weather--doesn't really care that it's cold and drizzly).  This should make visiting family much easier: just watch the weather, and chuck the puppy into her teeny-tiny yard.

All that has kept me busy, today.  Finishing up the laundry and the dishes will hopefully keep me busy enough that I won't be checking my book sales figures every few minutes.

And to the three that have bought copies of The Godshead on Kindle already...thanks. 


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