Sunday, December 16, 2012

Not a woman

Transsexuals may be female between the ears.  They may get the gender reassignment surgery, hormone therapy, breast implants, and grow their hair out long.  They may look like women on the outside, but their basic body structure is male.  They have more physical strength, particularly in their upper body.

They are not women where it counts when it comes to women's sports.  They will outplay and outdo any real women. 

They are men.  If they can't hack it playing with the boys, they shouldn't take their ball and go play with the girls, no matter if they would have rather been one. 

Gabrielle Ludwig, I wish you the best in finding peace and happiness in your life.  But you shouldn't be permitted to play basketball with the other girls.  You're going to outdo them because you aren't one in the very fibers of your muscles. 

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