Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I have a possible solution, here...

A Chicago cop shot a puppy that wasn't threatening him.  Pup survived, but is in for a long convelescense.

Other cops have been trying to cover the department's ass: they went back three days later and wrote the homeowner a ticket for the puppy not being leashed.  You know, the puppy that had been in the house, and followed his owner outside when the owner went to see why the cop was writing a parking ticket, just before the cop shot the puppy.

 I have an idea.  Since the puppy can't really be handed a gun to shoot the cop, how about we let the puppy's owner have two shots at the cop?  Let's gut-shoot the creep that shot a puppy a couple of times, and see how comfortable his recovery is.

I don't think the thugs with badges will learn to be responsible with their granted authority without painful lessons on what happens when they're not. 

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