Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Makes me glad I don't text.

I barely use a cell phone at all.  I don't care to be constantly tethered to work/family/friends.  I do not do the whole text messaging thing.  I don't like the way the abbreviations have crept into formal writing, and grade those little bits of textspeak very harshly. 

I also refuse to do it.

Not for fear that it'll make me a lazy writer.  Because I hate it with a bloody purple passion.

I'm even more glad that I don't, now that law enforcement is clamoring to force cell phone companies store such data for each customer for at least two years, "just in case." 

That's just creepy.


  1. What bothers me even more is that there are so many people out there who have the thinking that they have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong therefore what do they care if the Government is watching and recording a history....

    They never consider that they are the ones who are deciding what's right and wrong, the government is.

    And we all know that they never change the rules, right?

    This illegal recording is why I have refused to do the twitter thing. I now need to reconsider my use of testing it appears.

    1. Apparently so.

      There are things I think about and plan out responses to that I do not put in writing, and do not talk about anywhere near a cell phone that has its battery intact.

  2. I tell people I don't have enough things to say that are "important" for me to need to be tethered to people all the time. I call my parents maybe twice a week, talk to my brother and sister in law occasionally, call friends a few times a month....all from my landline.

    I don't get the need to be in touch 24/7; it creeps me out.

    Creeps me out even more that Big Brother might wish to store info on me. (Is it just texting, now? Another reason not to text. But I'd be willing to bet cell phone calls, then landline calls, will be next)

    1. Probably. Next thing you know, the only secure communication will be face to face, in a room without any phones, or cell phones, or any type of microphone anywhere.

      Don't plan on your doctor's office being that place.

  3. THE CELL PHONE epidemic will keep evolving until we have a 'new' race of people!!

    I am reminded a bit of a 'classic' sci fi movie......

    Have you all seen this film?


    1. No, I haven't seen that movie. I don't know that I want to--sounds too close to current reality.