Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, great.

Four years ago, when the imp was born, we had a $3,000 deductible on our health insurance.  We spent under $300/month for health insurance for Odysseus, the imp (newly arrived), and me. 

Then 0bamacare passed.  And our rates instantly jumped by $40.  And then, they jumped again about four months later, by another $20.  And they kept creeping up, especially after we'd had the pixie and added her to our health insurance.  So, not long after her birth, we increased our deductible to $5,000, bringing it back down into affordability. 

Then, more of the fees for 0bamacare came online, making it jump by $50.  Twice.  Suddenly, we were again paying nearly $400/month--almost half of my income from teaching.  So, we went in, and increased our deductible again, to $10,000, which brought our cost back down to just under $300/month. 

Now this.  We're going to be slapped with a further hike of $63/month to cover people with pre-existing conditions that can't be arsed to put off their purchase of an iPhone so that they can buy coverage for themselves.  This is going to boost our monthly health insurance cost back up to nearly $350/month. 

I don't want to pay for other people's problems.  I don't want other people to pay for mine.  I want the government to stop taking my money at gunpoint to give to worthless pieces of shit that can't budget their own fucking money.

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