Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I feel like I'm spamming you guys...

Since this is the first full week The Godshead (linked over at the right in paperback and Kindle version--which is cheaper, has more sample chapters up, and I get a bigger cut of) has been available, and I really would like this book to be a bit more successful than Survivors was/is, I'm going to mention it again.

From the author's note at the end:
This bunch of stories started with me dreaming part of the first story. I woke up laughing, and had to write the two idiots arguing over who was the better king of the gods. From that idea grew this book.

Oh, not all at once. But it did come pretty quickly, for me. Every so often, I’d have a few minutes, and another character would start whispering in my ear, each with their own specific voice, and
their own story. I wrote them all. And then I compiled them.

Then, I realized that there was an actual plot. And most of the stories had a connection to that plot. How strange. I’d written a novel, sort of.

So, I went back through, took out a few stories, and tweaked others to more closely connect them to the plot.

If you've been looking for a little light reading that combines aspects of comedy, drama, modern life, and mythology, you might like it. 

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