Friday, December 7, 2012

Parents: get your kids out of public school

Any parent that lives in a large city with their kids are abusive.  They're endangering their children's physical and mental/emotional well-being, and for what?  A shorter commute?  Access to a downtown?  Selfish reasons, both.  And Chicago is worse than many others. 

Any parent that leaves their kids in public schools--especially when that child is mentally or physically disabled--is borderline abusive.  I understand that sometimes a parent makes a choice that state-funded programs to support the disability are more important than the possibility of their teen son being strip-searched by his female vice-principal, but is that really true? 

In reality, public schools are doing a very bad job with educating children.  They love disabled kids, because they bring in more money from the federal government, but it's in their best interests to do as little as possible to help them: services and accommodations are expensive, and eat up those extra dollars. 

Parents, get out of the cities, and start home schooling your children.  You and your wants don't matter anymore, and haven't since you had a child.  What's convenient for you is not what's best for them. 

And what's best for your children is what matters--or at least, it should be.

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