Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spam, spam, spam, spam...

No, not in my blog comments, in my email.  One in particular caught my eye this morning:
Tell us what you think of Starbucks, and win a $25 gift card!!!
I strongly suspect I wouldn't get the gift card if I told them what I really thought of Starbucks.  Since I don't drink coffee drinks (just plain, black coffee, with nothing hiding the flavor), I think their coffee sucks.  The beans are stale, probably ground a very long time ago, then left out in a non-airtight container for months, if not years, judging by the taste.  They don't grind the beans fine enough, use bleached paper filters, and aren't careful not to spill the ground coffee into the basket under the filter. 

So, yeah.  Starbucks coffee sucks.  I've heard their coffee drinks are good, but their coffee, which is all I drink, sucks donkey balls.

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