Monday, December 10, 2012

Where are the parents?

You've got fourteen year old boys (more than likely in a single-parent household, being raised by a mother who has no idea who their fathers are) killing a woman, then posting pictures of themselves with the murder weapon(s).  You've got an eleven- and a seven-year-old mugging another woman at gunpoint, then attempting to carjack her.

The parents in both cases have failed so badly it makes me sick.  Somebody's going to wind up killing those kids out of self-defense in the next five years, just as "they were really starting to turn their life around."

What is it about modern parents?  Why the fuck are so many refusing to raise their kids?  Why are so many trying to be their kids' friends instead of their parents?

And why is no one teaching these kids right from wrong, and that wrong decisions carry consequences?

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