Saturday, December 15, 2012

Staying in the gun closet for a while longer...

My in-laws were horrified by the happenings yesterday.  My mother-in-law reported to me that my father-in-law, who I love and admire very much, spent much of the day in tears (he's lost two of his children, one to an aneurism, the other to gastric bypass surgery complications, both as adults with kids of their own). 

They both spent a lot of the visit today calling for more stringent gun control laws--which wouldn't have prevented the diseased little son of a bitch from murdering twenty six and seven year old children. 

(On the upside, both are now fully on board with my plans to home school--and my MIL was (and sort of still is, in attitude and actions) a teacher, and FIL was a school board member.)

See, the little fucker tried to buy a gun.  He was turned down.  So, he killed his mom, and used her guns. 

I'm betting that there were a lot of warning signs that this guy was going to snap.  Nobody did anything.  I'll bet anything that there was a long history of mental problems, along with "this guy is a major danger to himself and others" notes, that got sealed the second he turned eighteen.  I'll bet anything that he played first person shooter games almost exclusively.*

Sixty years ago, he'd have been forcibly committed because of his "disorders."  Then again, sixty years ago, Mom and Dad likely wouldn't have been divorced, and Mom would have likely been at home raising him, and teaching him that there are good behaviors and bad behaviors, and choosing bad behavior carries consequences.

If there need to be any new laws written, we need to write that every classroom must have its own emergency exit to the exterior from any given building, for fires or for creepy little fuckers with guns. 

Taking guns away from the law abiding only makes them easy prey.  Like the twenty children and seven adults shot yesterday were. 

*First person shooter games do not cause this kind of behavior, any more than having access to a gun causes this kind of behavior.  Those inclined to this kind of behavior tend to gravitate toward first person shooter games because it gives them a feeling of power, and gives them the idea that they're training for the real thing.


  1. Related, indirectly:

    1. That story was awesome. And exactly why I carry a gun.

  2. Seems to me that in most of these recent cases, "more stringent" gun laws wouldn't have done a thing, based on how the shooters got their guns.

    I've dealt with a few "borderline personalities" in my life. Reported one because I was afraid he might get violent. There does seem to be an attitude of coddling and tending to dismiss the concerns of people who come forward and say "This person is acting 'off.'" That is, when someone BOTHERS to come forward.

    1. The only thing gun laws do is disarm the law abiding. They don't want us depending on ourselves; they want us to depend on the government for everything.

      Only...they can't do everything.


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