Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Bomb Blegging

If you were going to buy The Godshead anyway, would you mind all doing that today?  Both the Kindle version (top) and the paperback (bottom) are linked over at the right, replacing Survivors to keep from cluttering up the blog.

If you're not sure, here's the cover blurb:

The Godshead

Food and drink for sale; snark for free...

It's hard to be a god nobody believes in, sometimes.   Especially when one spends their days trying to quietly go about his or her life in a world that barely remembers the myths surrounding the old Greek gods, but where some religions still follow the old Norse gods.   

And some of the Norse gods are getting more dangerous: Loki, the trickster, has lost the last of what passed for his sanity, and needs to be helped, or stopped.  One of the two.  And no one seems to be up to it. 

At least, not alone.  Working together, they can avoid the worst of Loki's tricks, and maybe even solve their problems.

A tale told from several points of view.

Here's the link to the Kindle version, for samples of the first two chapter/stories, and here's a link to a few stories from the world that didn't fit in the plot.

I really enjoyed writing the book, and have a follow-up waiting in the wings for time to be written.

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