Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goals for the week

1. Bathe the stinky puppy.

2. Finish clearing the table off in the kitchen; finish clearing the counter tops.  Install new, battery-operated LED light bars under cabinets for light to work by.

3. Finish switching out the pixie's new dresser with her chest of drawers (which is now mine--and needs moved).

4. Get all of the clean clothes put away.

5. (Writing goals on The Godshead Tavern blog).

6. Play with kids.  A lot.


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe a little more, but my family's going to be getting fruit baskets again. I'm not in the mood to try to figure out what they'd like. Those need to be acquired and assembled closer to time.

      I want to get my father in law a pint of turtle frozen custard. So that needs to be purchased soon and frozen.