Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random ramblings...

So...other than the imp's far more frequent temper tantrums, he's regressed on wetting.  I can't wait until I can get them back into the routine they're used to. 

The pixie is having frequent bad dreams, for much the same reason. 

I'm making some slight progress on the after-Christmas cleanup.  We have a good sized bag of wrapping paper, boxes, and blister packs in a garbage bag in the corner of the living room.  There's only a bit left, now.  Next will be putting away the new toys and clothes.

The pup is getting a bath, today, once I've got the living room cleaned up to the point that she's not got much to tear up.  I hate keeping her crated or penned outside.  She gets overexcited, and jumps all over the kids when she gets to play in the living room again.  We have got to get her over that.

In trying to keep the kittens from clawing pinholes into our new washer drain hose, we rolled up and duct taped a rubber-backed kitchen mat around the hoses.  This has the added benefit of keeping the kittens from getting into the bathroom, with only a little extra duct tape.  That means that the imp can go to the bathroom without having to worry about getting run over by stampeding kittens trying to escape (they're not quite eight months old, and one of them is already ten pounds.  The other one is eight pounds). 

I'm still working on writing (currently working on the sequel to The Godshead), but there's not much I can do about my classes for the moment.  I have no idea what my course site is going to look like, other than riddled with typos.  I don't know what the assignments will be, how much grading I'm going to have, or how much busy work my kids will have to deal with each week (since they will be having to do something every week). 

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